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Old City

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Map Old City, in region The Old City of Scorn. Map level: 0.

Map view:

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Exits from this map:

Exits leading to this map:

Monsters on map (level from 2000 to 0): ant, bat, beholder, Bemoth, Beserker, big OGRE, bird, Buffed Guard, Captain, Captain of the Guard, castle guard, dark elf, demilich, demon, Dijia, dog, earth elemental, elf, giant bat, giant centipede, giant cobra, Gnad, gnoll, goblin, Goblin Guard, Groll, Gumble!, hill giant, John the Slasher, kobold, large centipede, Lone Pixie, madman, ninja, ogre, orc, panther, pirate, pixie, Rabies Man!, Royal Guard, rustmonster, sad creature, scorpion, skeleton, small troll, snake, speedball, spider, Thalik Norois, tree, viking, wraith, wyvern, xan, zombie.

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