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Goth's Tavern

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Map Goth's Tavern, in region The Kingdom of Scorn. Map level: 1.

Map view:

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Exits from this map:

Exits leading to this map:

This map is part of the following quests:

  • Scorn Royalty Quest (the dragon emissary is here, and will give hints to find the dragon lair)

Monsters on map (level from 1 to 49): 1st Tier warrior, Bar Maid, Bar Tender, beholder, Bragh O'Leary, Brum the Ancient, castle guard, city dweller, Drachnak the Priest, Dragon Emissary, Drunk, dwarf, elf, Hintson, Lumberjack, man, ninja, Old man, sailor, Silinar, slightly drunken apprentice conjurer, Townsman, warrior, wizard, wizard with an aura of great power, woman, Wounded fighter.

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