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Crossfire Atlas - Index


Regions List, Long Name Regions List, Short Name
Pupland of Times Long Past Pupland
Andustar Andustar
Astral Plane Astral Plane
The Shogunate of Azumauindo Azumauindo
Brest Brest
Fortress of Lord Butakis Lord Butakis
City de Clouds City de Clouds
The Creation of Time Creation
The Sultanate of Darcap Darcap
Darcap Circus Darcap Circus
Life is but a dream? Dream
Ruins of Euthville Euthville
Team Arena Volcano Firevolcano
The Greenway Greenway
Lake Country Lake Country
Lone Town Lone Town
Hamlet of Lord Marksel Marksel
Ruins of Narcopin Narcopin
The Kingdom of Navar Navar
Nurnberg Nurnberg
Port Joseph Port Joseph
Pupland Pupland
Santo Dominion Santo Dominion
The Kingdom of Scorn Scorn
The Kingdom of Scorn, Arena Scorn Arena
The Kingdom of Scorn, Surrounding Area Scorn County
The Old City of Scorn Scorn Old City
Stoneville Stoneville
Valley of The Three Sisters Three Sisters
This dummy region contains all maps without a region set. Unlinked
Whaling Outpost Whaling Outpost
Somewhere out in the Wilderness Wilderness
The Port of Wolfsburg Wolfsburg