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Map Index for Valley of the Three Sisters

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Region's longname: Valley of The Three Sisters

Region description: What should be a pristine valley nestled between two mountain ridges is rife in discord. Three Sisters, on their quest to immortality, found a way to craft an item that rivaled creations from the ancient gods. For such an infractions - the ancient gods punished The Sisters, leaving them scarred and disfigured with wounds that would have killed any one else. The curse of immortality was then realized, but incomplete. Each of The Three Sisters lost their greatest Gift, which now reside deep in the vaults of the nearby factions. For centuries now, conflict erupts daily as raids between each sect fights to a inevitable stalemate with one another over control of each Sister's Gift. Trapped in their tower, The Three Sisters wait for destiny to grant them one last favor by making them whole once again. Now that the ancient gods are no more - they could once again practice their craft.

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