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Map Index for Narcopin

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Region's longname: Ruins of Narcopin

Region description: Some believe natural elements have caused the once proud Kingdom of Narcopin to fall in to ruins. Others think a conquering army left behind this decrepit area in route to greater conquest. Some would say it was a famine or monster invasion. No one would argue that frequent dust storms and marauding monsters has left behind just a few of the once many structures - any of which could collapse into rubble at any moment. Many are convinced ancient and lost treasure awaits those brave enough to explore this region. A few have attempted to explore this area; from archeologists and adventurers to tomb raiders. If there is anything left of value, it has either been plundered or no one has lived long enough to find it - or leave with it. One thing is for certain, there is something very unnatural and unfinished with the fate of this whole area.

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