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Quests List

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63 quests are defined (including system quests).

  • Gates of Hell (brest/9gates)

    There are treasures waiting, provided I can get through the 9 gates of Hell.

  • Scartis's Wine (darcap/Cameron-wine)

    Cameron, the tavern owner, is worried to not get anymore wine from Scartis's wine factory.

  • Darcap Elemental Quest (darcap/Elemental)

    Solve the four elemental quests, and get some equipment as a reward.

  • Darcap Air Elemental Quest (darcap/Elemental-Air)

    I must solve the air elemental quest.

  • Darcap Earth Elemental Quest (darcap/Elemental-Earth)

    I must solve the earth elemental quest.

  • Darcap Fire Elemental Quest (darcap/Elemental-Fire)

    I must solve the fire elemental quest.

  • Darcap Water Elemental Quest (darcap/Elemental-Water)

    I must solve the water elemental quest.

  • Spike's Aching Back (darcap/Spike)

    Spike, the weapon shop owner, has backaches, and needs a potion to endure his pains.

  • Temple Justice (darcap/TempleJustice)

    Find the legendary Temple of Justice.

  • Pygmy Forest (darcap/pygmy-forest)

    I've heard of a dangerous pygmy forest which certainly contains nice treasures.

  • Valriel's Church (euthville/valriel)

    Recover a stolen blessed chalice.

  • Undead Catacomb (lake_country/undead_catacomb)
  • Treasure Quest (navar/Ali-treasure)

    Reclaim a treasure.

  • The Writing Pen (navar/Iscar-pen)

    Iscar, a writer, lost his writing pen and needs a replacement.

  • Grukk's Tower (navar/grukk)

    Find Grukk's tower, and reclaim his treasure.

  • Rescue Ben's Daughters (navar/rescue-daughters)

    I have been tasked to save Ben's daughters.

  • Navar's Smugglers (navar/smugglers)

    I've been tasked to fight Navar's smugglers.

  • Moogly Bill's Treasure (port_joseph/MooglyBill)

    I've heard of Moogly Bill, a pirate, who hide his treasure somewhere.

  • Fortress of Barad-Dur (quests/BaradDur)

    Find the legendary fortress of Barad-Dur. Beware, evil monsters lurk in it.

  • The Fortress of Ang (quests/FortressAng)

    It is said a fortress was once built on the sea shore, east-north-east of what is now Navar, and that an unusual artifact can be found there.

  • The Ruins of Narcopin (quests/Narcopin)

    Find the devasted kingdom of Narcopin, and claim its treasures for yourself.

  • The Hunt for Nilplur (quests/Nilplur)

    Nilplur the dragon is said to hide in a cave in the mountain range east of the lake between Scorn and Euthville. According to reports, he accumulated some decent treasure, including powerful spells.

  • Troll Canyon (quests/TrollCanyon)

    I've agreed to go fight some trolls who are building some den in the mountains for Sgt. MacDonald who doesn't have enough troops.

  • The Cure for Gordon the Warrior (santo_dominion/Gordon)

    I've been tasked to find ingredients to cure Gordon the Warrior.

  • The Mudman (santo_dominion/Mudman)

    To get some treasure, I need to kill the Mudman, which lives west of Santo Dominion, and bring back its residue to the Golden Lion.

  • Santo Dominion's Noisy Well (santo_dominion/well)

    The Noble Resting's innkeeper asked me to find the source of a strange noise in the well nearby.

  • Outbreak of Undead (scorn/Animator)

    There is an outbreak of undead in the so-called 'Undead Church' in Scorn. An Animator may be at work, setting the dead walking. Return with a token proving that the Animator has been destroyed.

  • The Scorn Nobility (scorn/Aristocracy)

    Rise through the ranks of the scorn nobility to gain favour in the king's court

  • A Cure for Bunions (scorn/BlueMushroom)

    The King of Scorn, is suffering from bunions, and believes that a certain rare blue mushroom will provide a cure. This mushroom grows only in marshy areas located at the far west of the continent, same level as Scorn city.

  • Getting Out of Scorn (scorn/CityGate)

    The main gates of the city of Scorn are locked, and the guards will not let you pass.

  • The Special Goose Chase (scorn/CoffeeGoose)

    Return a goose called Esmerelda to its rightful owner.

  • The Dark Forest (scorn/DarkForest)

    East of Scorn is a Temple with, it is said, a Glowing Crystal. The temple is at the heard of the Dark Forest, which is said to be located approximately 15 chains north of the Scorn-Navar road, 50 chains west of Hermes's Inn.

  • Demons in Euthville (scorn/DemonPit)

    There has been a recent influx of demons in the ruins of the town north of Scorn. Reports have it that the demons are issuing from a filthy pit in the ground. Go and investigate; eliminate the threat if possible.

  • Old Man Terry Had a Farm (scorn/DisputedFarm) (system quest)

    The Bandit leader Guuh has been beseiging Terry's farm just outside scorn

  • Dragonlord Diplomacy (scorn/DragonWhisker)

    Recover a powerful weapon which will challenge the might of the Dragonlords, and allow the King of Scorn to sue for peace.

  • Gramps Malone's Earhorn (scorn/Earhorn)

    Return an Earhorn to its rightful owner

  • Gate Pass (scorn/GatePass)

    Acquire a gate pass to be allowed out of the main gate of Scorn.

  • Scorn Password (scorn/GatePassword)

    Discover the password that will permit passage through the gates in Scorn.

  • The Head of the Goblin Chief (scorn/GoblinKing)

    Some goblins, who are said to live in mountains, have been making a nuisance of themselves to the North East of Scorn. Go and make them regret their disorderly conduct.

  • Gork's Treasure Hoard (scorn/GorksTreasure)

    Gain access to Gork's treasure

  • Kill the Farmer Terry on Guuh's land (scorn/GuuhsFarm)

    Guuh claims that Terry has seized his land, and wants you to kill him and his wife so that he can reclaim it.

  • Mad Mage's Tower (scorn/Kelthior)

    I want to be able to talk to the Mad Mage.

  • The King's Curse (scorn/LordSpectre)

    The King of Scorn has been afflicted by a mystical curse which has been draining his strength.

  • The Head of the Ogre Chief (scorn/OgreKing)

    Ogres have been stealing sheep from the hills east of the city. They are reported to live in a hole north of the road to Navar. Go and kill the Ogre Chief and return with his head.

  • Alfalfa's Attire (scorn/OrcDress)

    Alfalfa was arrested for streaking, and wants some clothes.

  • The Grumpy Office Clerk (scorn/PassClerk)

    The clerk at the office of passes is very grumpy, and not serving anyone.

  • Down to the Docks (scorn/PortGate)

    There is a gate separating the main part of Scorn from the docks. It is closed and the guards will not let me pass.

  • Port Pass (scorn/PortPass)

    Acquire a port pass to be allowed into Scorn's docks.

  • The Rhyzian Amulet (scorn/Rhyz)

    I'm helping Terrance Rhyz, a wizard, get a potion containing some magical essence.

  • The Hero of Scorn (scorn/ScornHero)

    Be pronounced Hero of Scorn

  • Kill the Bandit Guuh at Terry's Farm (scorn/TerrysFarm)

    Some farmers have asked for assistance in killing the evil bandit Guuh.

  • The Great Pretender (scorn/TitanCrown)

    A rogue titan has declared himself 'the Rightful King of Scorn' and denounced the current monarch as an usurper.

  • Gramps Malone's Walking Stick (scorn/WalkingStick)

    Recover a walking stick on behalf of its owner.

  • Witherspoon's Ghost (scorn/Witherspoon-ghost)

    I'm helping a ghost rest in peace.

  • Slithselest for Supper (scorn/WyvernWing)

    The King of Scorn wishes to dine upon the wing of his enemy, Slithselest, the self-styled Lord of Wyverns. Slithselest has his eyrie (it is said) in the high mountains south of the road to Brest.

  • Custom Armour (scorn/smith/customarmour)
  • testquest (testquest) (system quest)

    test that quests work properly

  • testquest2 (testquest2) (system quest)

    second test that quests work properly

  • Getting Past Locked Doors (tutorial/keys)

    Using either the keys, your weapon or your lockpicking skills, open all three doors and claim the treasure in the chest at the end.

  • Heimser's Experiments (wolfsburg/Heimser)

    Heimser is making experiments related to magical crystals.

  • Lursendis's Unforgettable Banquet (wolfsburg/Lursendis)

    Lursendis, a gourmet, wants to eat a caramel by his great friend Farnass the cook.

  • Preno the dragon hunter (wolfsburg/dragon-hunter)

    Preno the dragon hunter may share her secrets for missiles of assassinating dragons, but I must prove my worth first.

  • Treasure Island (wolfsburg/treasure-island)

    Find the key to a hidden treasure on an island.