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Adventurers Guild, 2nd Floor

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Map Adventurers Guild, 2nd Floor, in region Stoneville. Map level: 40.

Map view:

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Exits from this map:

Exits leading to this map:

Monsters on map (level from 1 to 80): acid sphere, Allistair, the demilich, angel, Balrog, Barsh, the wizard, behemoth, beholder, black pudding, Bordak, the dwarf priest, cold dragon hatchling, demilich, demon, dragon hatchling, Dread, Dread Knight, electric dragon hatchling, faerie dragon, fire para-elemental, gaelotroll, ghast, ghost, Gloriel, the elf priest, green slime, grimreaper, guard, imp, lava para-elemental, Lorik, the dwarf priest, Nathirel, the elf priest, nightmare, Niyuni La'Quen, Shadow Tiger, shadowtiger pup, Sharkharash, skeleton, skull, Tarsham, the Lich, Tasha, the demilich, titan, vampire, water elemental, wight, wraith, wyvern of chaos, xan, zombie.

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