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City de Clouds

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Map City de Clouds, in region Life is but a dream?. Map level: 0.

Map view:

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Monsters on map (level from 2000 to 0): Arnold the Locksmith, castle guard, city dweller, cleaning woman, clerk, conjurer, courier, Dread, dwarf wizard, elf, elf guard, elf lass, elf man, farmer, fighter, ghost, Greg, guildmaster, halfling, healer, High Magistrate, Jewler, John, large man, lesser dwarven guard, Light Merchant, Low Magistrate, man, Merchant, priest, priest of Valriel, receptionist, red dragon, Royal Guard, sage, shop owner, smart dwarf, thief_1, Townsman, Travel Broker, Veiled woman, viking, warrior, woman, young rogue.

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