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City De Clouds - Office of Guards, Level 1

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Map City De Clouds - Office of Guards, Level 1, in region City de Clouds. Map level: 1.

Map view:

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Monsters on map (level from 1 to 80): acid sphere, ancient red dragon, angel, Balrog, basilisk, behemoth, beholder, big demon, black pudding, blob, Captain of the Guard, chinese dragon, cleaning woman, crawling chaos, Dark Gryphon, demon, dragon, Dread, earth elemental, earth witch, electric dragon, electric dragon hatchling, fire elemental, fire witch, giant cobra, giant rat, green slime, hellhound, hill giant, hired elf archer, Jessy, raas, serpent, Shadow Tiger, shadowtiger pup, skree, snake, titan, troll, water elemental, water witch, wyvern, wyvern of chaos.

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